AuraWeb Blog


At AuraWeb we are all about keeping things simple, so here is an easy look at what we can offer you.

If any of the following points describe you then we are on the money.

  • You do not have a website and you need more customers
  • You tried to make your own site and it is all too hard
  • You have a current site that is not mobile friendly

Why You Should Consider Using An AuraWeb site

  • You do not have a website and want to get started quickly and cheaply
  • We provide a great quality product at a very affordable price
  • Our websites are all about simplicity, elegance, speed and ease of use
  • Our websites are created to look great on mobiles, tablets and desktop
  • We want your site to be ultra-search engine friendly

Why Choose Us?

  • We understand your small business needs
  • We are very approachable and keen to work with you
  • We keep costs to a minimum by offering a simple, structured approach that means you look great for less
  • Our pricing model is very flexible; ask for a quote should you need something a little more bespoke